About The Blogger

Hey folks.

The name’s Jonathan, but feel free to call me Jon.  I’m currently a grad student who may or may not have some kind of affinity with coffee.  Also, I’m pursuing my Master’s in Christian Ministry at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

Wait, before you click that “X” at the top right of your web browser, let me tell you about myself.

I love Jesus.  I have a living, breathing relationship with Him since August 31, 2009.  My life has changed when He came into my life and He is constantly transforming me.

I love people.  I’m an introvert (INFP to be exact), therefore I love deep discussions.  Surface level and small talk (awkward!) doesn’t do it for me.  I like stories and life-sharing.

I’m a writer.  I like writing.  This blog will contain some of my musings as well as posts that will build up and never tear down.  I find my peace when I’m blasting my iTunes and writing.

Everything in this blog points to being in the Shadow of His Wings, being under the safety and security of God.  I want people to realize their identity as blood-bought and redeemed sons and daughters of the Almighty God.

I’m a son of God.  God is my life and I was adopted into His big family when I said “Yes.”  There are times where I struggle with this idea, but I know that my God still loves me.

I hope you guys enjoy and I hope to interact with you soon.

In the Shadow of His Wings,




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